Wellness You Deserve!


Do you feel ready for a deep, permanent change to create balance? 

Are you working with or against your body? Working against your body often leaves you feeling tired, brain fog, unable to focus, not sexy, irritable, or having sleep issues.

You are at the right place. 


Innately, you are your own best healer. The key is to work with your body's flow and know who to trust with your wellness. We got you, lady!

The registered nurses at MC Wellness Group are passionate about supporting women to take control of their health and make long-lasting transformative changes. 

Curious to learn how you can make a shift in your wellness to be more in control? Keep scrolling

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Cannabis Can Help!

Cannabis (hemp/medical/adult use) is one of the tools we specialize in. It works because our body produces similar compounds to promote wellness. Cannabis helps bring back our body to a state of balance without the common side effects found in most pharmaceutical products. When our bodies are out of balance, it communicates to us through symptoms such as:

  • Pain & Inflammation

  • Mood - Anxiety, Depression, Irritability 

  • Sleep Disturbances - Insomnia, Unable to fall asleep or stay asleep

  • Sex & Intimacy - Painful Intercourse, Orgasm, Libido, Enjoyment 

  • Women's Health - PCOS, Endometriosis, PMS, Menstrual Cramps, Perimenopause, Menopause 

Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis
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Why Wellness Nurses

The Wellness Nurses Method

Wholistic Approach (Mind, Body, Soul, Relationships)
Combination of Western and Eastern Science
Collaborative Approach - we work with you to create your unique plan
Hormonal Health
Endocannabinoid System
Sexual Wellness & Pleasure 
Working with latest research and proven techniques to create your thriving environment
Support and knowledge to make wellness choices everyday that fit your lifestyle and goals.


 Our clients report improvements in sleep, energy, libido, and focus. They are more confident in making everyday wellness choices that work with their body's flow. Lastly, they are able to take control of their health and identify healthcare professionals that align with them. 

Are you tired of not feeling heard or understood by health care professionals? If yes, then rightfully so! Most healthcare systems follow male body type specific care. They do not take into consideration our two biggest body systems that are key to creating balance and wellness.