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We are nurses fueled with passion & mind-blowing methods - here to spill our secrets with a supportive approach. 

We both became nurses with the passion and desire to support people in living in wellness. We soon realized that passion comes from our desire to live a balanced life to ensure a healthy future. Although our focus has narrowed to the women's health space, the passion is still the same, if not greater. 

The discrepancies in women's health and pleasure we have witnessed and experienced only fuel our passion.  It is super common for medication or procedures to be prescribed without considering female hormones, diet, and lifestyle choices' health factors. Even more common is the lack of knowledge and advice about the female body. The persistent shame, stigma, and conflicting social messaging we receive are designed to disempower and disconnect us from our bodies. 

There was a point in both of our journeys when we experienced extreme burnout. Burnout affected all the roles (nurse, partner, mother) we operated in daily. After an ah-ha moment, we began working with our body's natural flow. Damn did our entire lives get up-leveled. Did this happen overnight? Hell no, and honestly it is a continuous process. We uncovered the science, implemented small practices every day, and approached our wellness with grace. 

For us, cannabis and pleasure were the healing gateways we discovered that led us to a balanced life—mentally, emotionally, and hormonally. It shone a light on how effective & natural a holistic approach is to health and led us to understand the newest medically-discovered body system: endocannabinoid. We know that cannabis is not for everyone and doesn't need to be. However, pleasure is our birthright. We are here to live a pleasurable life. 

Our journey and what we witnessed with our clients confirm that when you work with your body you thrive instead of surviving. It is possible to create a balance that translates into all areas of your life. How you feel in your body and how your body feels in your environment is so important to your overall health. We are super excited to share the knowledge and support women to positively impact future generations. 

Our Team


Dr. K. Eve Kandiyoti MSN, DHA, RN

Eve Kandiyoti is a registered nurse with over 16 years of experience; holds a Doctorate in Healthcare Administration from Capella University; a Master's Degree in Nursing Education, Prairie View A&M; Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico - Metro. She began her nursing career in the emergency department and shifted her career focus to education, advocacy, and leadership roles.

​In 2014, Eve discovered the endocannabinoid system and plant medicine benefits,  beginning her cannabis nursing journey. She combined her passion for improving others’ quality of life and education to form MC Wellness Group. 

Her quest for knowledge has led her to complete several medical cannabis certificates, including the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy Medical Cannabis Education for Health Care Providers program. She is on the Cannabis Nurses Network's Speakers Bureau, covering topics on women's health, hormones, and the endocannabinoid system. 

Eve has a rebellious spirit and enjoys shining light on taboos that spark curiosity. Her nursing passion is to break generational disempowerment so that women can step into their power in making informed wellness and sexual health decisions. Her secret sauce is to empower women to open up for pleasure - in various contexts.

​Here's the personal scoop on Eve: She is a big fan of Boston Terriers, is always down to roller skate, and considers pottery one of her favorite past times. 


Paige Wenglar BSN, RN

Paige Wenglar is a registered nurse and leader in women’s wellness offering an innovative perspective connecting the dots to living a balanced, vibrant and pleasurable life.

After graduating from UT Health Science Center in Houston, Paige started her career in the critical care setting in the largest medical city in the world, the Texas Medical Center. In the traditional healthcare system, she uncovered the need to support people on how to listen to their body to live in a state of wellness. 

It was through her wellness journey that she discovered the power of using a holistic nursing practice, the endocannabinoid system, and the importance of understanding women’s health to live a balanced life. Paige joined the Cannabis Nurses Network, completed cannabis healthcare certifications and joined forces with MC Wellness Group to impact the collective wellness. 

Paige is a member of the Cannabis Nurses Network Speaker’s Bureau covering topics on cannabis and surgical procedures to improve surgical outcomes. Her presentation “Cutting Into the Surgical Process” was the first on the Cannabis Nurses Network to highlight the use of cannabis in the operative patient.  

As a park connoisseur, you will find Paige in her free time enjoying her favorite area parks or discovering new ones while traveling. She enjoys spending time at coffee shops reading and journaling to fulfill her passion as a lifelong learner. Playing fetch with her cat Charlie always brings her joy. Yes, her cat plays fetch. 

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