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Welcome to your safe space to get curious about your body and desires to discover your full pleasure spectrum. 


So honored you are here! 

Hello There! 

Dr. Eve & Nurse Paige are a badass registered nursing power duo  specializing in women's health, hormones, and pleasure.  

We have been exactly where you are. We’ve felt the desire to balance our health and renew our sense of pleasure in life (sexually and in our day-to-day). We’ve felt the disappointment that so many women feel with their hormonal health and with not receiving the right care. 

As women and registered nurses, we have also experienced firsthand how frustrating and exhausting the women's healthcare system is. That's why we’re on a mission to provide you the knowledge and support to take control of your wellness and health to make long-lasting transformative changes. Your future self is thanking you! 

Some of the research-backed techniques we've used on our journey toward balanced hormonal health and pleasure are part of the toolkits we successfully use with our clients. The end goal of our method is that you gain clarity and confidence in your every day life. 


Elevated Wellness, Experience More Pleasure. 

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Breathe. This is your not-so-formal invitation to reimagine your relationship with your body, your hormones, your pleasure, and your wellness. The thriving, vibrant life you desire does exist. You have the power to make it happen because you are your own best healer. Yes, you are! With the right guidance, tools, and knowledge, you have the power to take charge of your health. Take a second and do a little mental check-in:

Do you feel ready for a elevated change in your life to finally create balance?

Do you want to work with and not against your body?

Do you want to understand your body's cyclical nature to unlock the full potential of your health?

If you're jumping up and down in excitement saying, "Yes, I can tap into my inner power!", then you're in the right place. 

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Why Wellness Nurses

Most healthcare systems follow male-body-type specific care. Unfortunately, that means they don’t take into consideration the hormonal fluctuations that are vital for women's wellness.

From puberty, fertility, perimenopause, to post-menopause, your womanly hormones play a part in it all. Your hormones affect every system in your body. Your health revolution starts here—right now.

As we co-create your wellness journey, we will help you connect with your inner knowing and the power of nature's rhythms to elevate your hormonal, sexual, mental, and bodily health.


 Our Method to support you in achieving an elevated health & lifestyle.

Hormonal Health

Mind, Body, Soul, Relationship

Sexual Wellness and Pleasure

Our Body's Balancing System (The Endocannabinoid System)

Collaboration (To Create Your Unique Plan)

Integrative Medicine (To Dive Deep)

Latest Research & Proven Techniques 


 Our clients report improvements in sleep, energy, pleasure, and focus. They are more confident in making everyday wellness choices that work with their body's flow. Lastly, they are able to take control of their health and advocate for their wellness.

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Are You Ready to Work With Us? 

You're ready to take your next steps and work with us if you identify with any of these six points.

Taking the power back .jpg
You Know There's More To It

You’ve been told to accept a shitty reality based on our current health system's mindset. You’re ready to be seen, heard, and valued. You know you are ready for a significant transformational change.

self love baby.jpg
Prioritizing Yourself

You are invested in yourself and your future. It may not be easy but you are open to learning how to juggle it all while avoiding burnout

curious lady.jpg

You love learning more about yourself , what lights you up and the inner workings of your body. 

Work with Dr. Eve & Nurse Paige


Make a shift and finally  take action to be in control of your body, experience an "ah-ha!" moment about your capacity to experience pleasure, and reconnect with the power of your inner feminine healer.

Plant Medicine is More of a Healing Tool Than You'd Think

One of our favorite wellness and pleasure tools....
photo of clear glass mug_edited.jpg

 Well, we specialize in natural remedies. We’re not a dispensary nor prescribe; we are what you’d call a cannabis nurse. 

That simply means we use our knowledge and experience of plant medicine to help you learn how to use it as a tool in your self-healing toolbox, along with other techniques like affirmations, meditation, nutrition, and more. 

THE FACTS: Plant medicine is a game-changer because because our bodies are better able to process natural vs. synthetic medications to promote wellness and balance. Plant medicine helps bring our body back to a state of balance without the common side effects found in most pharmaceutical products. 

You can use plant medicine in a variety of ways. If you are drug-tested, there are still ways you can incorporate it into your wellness. 


cannabis pink flower.jpg

When our bodies are out of balance, it communicates to us through symptoms such as:​​

  • Pain & Inflammation

  • Mood - Anxiety, Depression, Irritability 

  • Sleep Disturbances - Insomnia, Unable to fall asleep or stay asleep

  • Sex & Intimacy - Painful Intercourse, Orgasm, Desire, Enjoyment, Connection

  • Women's Health - PCOS, Endometriosis, PMS, Menstrual Cramps, Perimenopause, Menopause 

For us, cannabis was the gateway to a balanced way of life—balanced health. Through therapeutic use, it helped us break through mental blocks & improve our relationships with enhanced empathy—relationships with others and with ourselves.  

We work with you on how to use plant medicine as a tool that will change your health for the better—and, hopefully, for the long-term. You are in control and choose if you would like to use natural herbal remedies or not. Plant medicine does not have to be a necessary part of your plan if it does not align with you. 

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"After attending your workshop, learning more about my body, and using your methods, I have just had the best sex of my life."


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